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We're reopened. . .

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We're reopened. . .

Post by Rondell Ivey on Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:43 pm

Just reopened the website, it's got that old theme because this site was made in 2013 so forgive the old stuff, I could've made a brand-new website but why do that when this website is the original site of Mountain Community XD? but anyways, enjoy Smile Begin talking about thing's in this forum Very Happy administration isn't that strict on this website so don't worry about something you post being strictly moderator and stuff because we're gonna offer some freedom on the forums to post anything you please... if your post exceeds 10 reports a moderator will review your topic and if it contains something not allowed we'll inform the author to edit it and if that doesn't happen we'll remove the topic . . .

we hope you enjoy the forums, yes I know it isn't the most professional website but ya know not everybody stuck up and robots either. lmao good luck !
Rondell Ivey

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